Created for ease of movement, urban transportation,
and individual appeal. 






The Ultimate Electric City Commuter

The ELBI EL500 - is a unisex eBike with a fashionable twist.  

The bike features a Maintenance-Free Carbon Gates Belt Drive,

lightweight aluminum frame, fork, and front carrier.


500W high torque brushless Bafang motor integrated into the front wheel

and cadence sensor with thumb throttle.


The rear wheel comes with Shimano Internal 3 speed gear hubs that make the bike an "all wheel drive",

The motor drives the front wheel and your legs transport the power thru the rear wheel.

The bike comes with roller brake & v-brake for easy maintenance.

The PLUS package = 8 gears + Hydraulic Disc brakes (front and rear) = Our best bike! 

High-quality Lithium Battery 500Wh (LG 18650, 3500mAh) with integrated parking front light and USB port to charge your mobile phone wherever you are.
Easy battery removal for charging.


Oversized front carrier with custom made folding shopping bag (60L) that connects to the carrier,  so it cannot fell off while cruising heavy loaded. The main tube is reinforced to not have the down tube. The handlebars and the basket together with the slim-battery only weigh 3kg!

Small, lightweight and sturdy, the ELBI Bike references a BMX style bike but holds the body of any upright.

There are different versions to buy:

1) 500W = 3 Gears & Roller brake & v-brake = 20mph 32km/h
2) 500W Plus  = 8 Gears & Hydraulic Disc brake (front & rear) = 20mph 32km/h
3) 500W Plus  EU = 8 Gears & Hydraulic Disc brake (front & rear) = 15mph 25km/h


Aluminum alloy is a metal with other things added to improve some of its properties. Strong and light so you can ride it long. Fully powder-coated in a thick layer of scratch-resistant thermoset polymer to protect against the elements. The wiring will be integrated in the main tube, which is also reinforced.

Say goodbye to sweaty backs and unsightly stains. Stow your bag in the front carrier. A customized mesh bag for making your life easy is included. A 60L shopping bag as an upgrade available. 

Belt-up, up, and away! Gates Drive™ Carbon Drive, clean maintenance-free no lube required, quite no chain clatter, weighs less and is stronger than a chain. (We will hide the cables in the main tube, compared to early models.)

You get 3 speeds too thanks to a

Shimano Nexus 3 shifter and an internal hub combo. Upgrade option to Shimano Nexus 8.

Color-matched stainless steel fenders.

Fend off dirt, mud, sand, rainwater and all other types of surface gunk, which the tires will churn up, with these fenders.

The 48V x 10,5Ah (504WH) lithium-ion battery can be locked and removed from the EL EL500 and taken inside for easy charge while at home or at work.

The battery also has a USB charger and an integrated front light. You can even charge your phone while riding the bike.


With a front hub motor, outputting 500 watts with every pedal stroke, getting from point A to B has never been so easy.

We will make the front fender larger in production compared to the early models shown in the videos. 

We give you up to 5 adjustable speed settings for your EL with a high-contrast LCD display that delivers all important information at a glance, is extremely robust and easy to use and also with a walk-assist.


The motor drives the front wheel and your legs transport the power thru the rear wheel.

ELBI can take you anywhere you want to go, even in the dark. The automated lighting system includes front and rear sensors with laser flashing lights to indicate

 a safe distance to ride. Enjoy the freedom of riding even in the dead of the night. Upgrade option.

"The bicycle that you dreamed of when you were a kid. Superhero transportation."

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