"The bicycle that you dreamed of when you were a kid. Superhero transportation."

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We produce the bikes in Taiwan.
E-bike to Europe : 6% toll + 20/25% TAX.

E-bike to US : 0% toll + 0% TAX.

Hej! Elcykeln kostar ungefär 14.000 SEK med moms, tull och frakt till Sverige. Kontakta Henrik 0707701302 ifall ni vill ha assistans med beställning eller info.

Hollywood star Henry Thomas has his own signature edition. This is the most retro you can get while still using the latest technology.


                       Early backers get up to 59% OFF

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ELBI Pedal

The Ultimate Fun Bike For Everyone.


The Ultimate Electric Bike For Everyone.


This could be most affordable Belt Drive E-Bike on the planet!

Life is Easy.

Created for ease of movement, urban transportation, and individual appeal.

Build for an easy, durable, maintenance-free owning.


Brand New Bikes , ELBI- The Easy life Bike is the next evolution in commuter bikes. Smart European Swedish design and commuter technology combined with urban American style – and culminate in a completely new Trans-Atlantic bike paradigm. The ELBI bike is designed for urban mobility and finds innovative solutions for the everyday annoyances that come from maneuvering bikes through urban obstacles.

ELBI redefines and reinvigorates the city ride with innovative and thoughtful details that meet the needs of a unique consumer set. The main tube is reinforced and on the front you find the integrated storage together with the battery.

By pulling together the best parts of a practical, continental city, BMXs, and American cruisers, these EL Bikes create a whole new urban typology.

One that stands out in the crowd. And knows how to make its own way.


Say goodbye to high-maintenance bikes.

Say hello to simplicity and fun.

Say hello to ELBI - The Easy Life Bike. 

This is an older prototype,
Now the wires are integrated better in the frame.

Early bird prices 9 April-9 May

Now we also offer a EL500+ EU-version, that has the power of 500W but limited to 25km/h due to legal demands. Need drivers license and traffic insurance approx 15Euro/month